Daily Oral Hygiene: Put Your Heart Into It

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Brushing your teeth twice daily goes a long way toward ensuring excellent dental health. But as we will share in this message from Sven Bone Dentistry in Bozeman, it can do even more: it may help decrease your risk of heart disease.

There is a well-established link between dental health and issues like heart disease. Recent studies show that poor dental hygiene can put you at much greater risk of heart disease.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lean distance runner with a pulse of fifteen beats a minute and a blood pressure of 100 over 60. It doesn’t matter if you are a vegan who has eaten a nutritionally balanced, low-fat diet for the past five years. If you have inflamed gums and tooth decay, you are at risk for harmful problems in other areas of the body.

At Sven Bone Dentistry in Bozeman, we want the best possible dental health for all of our patients, and urge you to brush (and floss!) twice each day. You’ll be glad you did! Our services include general and restsorative dentistry. Call to schedule your next cleaning and checkup with us today!

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