TMD / TMJ Treatment

Get Headache Relief from TMD in Bozeman

There are a lot of cases of TMJ disorder that go undiagnosed. TMJ disorders, also known as TMD, are some of the most common, yet least understood, conditions affecting the face and mouth.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder involves the two joints connecting the jawbone to the skull on either side of the head. These joints are critical to daily functions like speaking and eating. When the TMJs are damaged, stressed, or unbalanced, a host of problems known as TMD can pop up.

Our patients deserve a proper diagnosis for their headaches and pains. We will always be transparent with you. If you are suffering from regular discomfort and you suspect TMD may be the cause, come into our Bozeman office for an honest evaluation.

TMD Symptoms

How do you know if you are suffering from TMD? The primary symptom is pain or tenderness in the facial regions, particularly near the jaw, as well as in the neck and behind the ears.

Frequent headaches are one of the most infamous symptoms of TMD. If you are experiencing headaches or migraines frequently without any idea where they are coming from, consider a TMJ exam. The tension in these muscles can radiate and cause pain in the head, neck, face, back, and shoulders.

Tooth sensitivity is another symptom. Opening and closing your mouth or chewing food may become difficult due to limited jaw movement. The jaw may even become locked.

Asking yourself the following questions may help you determine if you might need TMD treatment:

  • Do you notice pain in the face, especially near the jaw?
  • Do you hear a popping noise when opening and closing the mouth or when chewing?
  • Do you have difficulty moving your jaw, or does it ever become locked either open or closed?
  • Are you experiencing facial swelling?
  • Have you noticed unusual facial muscle fatigue?
  • Are you suffering from unexplained headaches or dull pain in the neck, shoulders, or back?

Dr. Bone uses conservative and affordable TMD treatments to eliminate your discomfort and pain.

Treating TMD with Custom Nightguards

We provide fitted TMD nightguards that are:

  • Effective in preventing tooth grinding and TMJ stress
  • Successful in giving the TMJ muscles a rest
  • Quick to relieve the symptoms of TMD
  • Modifiable over time
  • Small, convenient, and portable
  • Conservative

If you are concerned about TMJ disorder, look no further than our caring prosthodontist, Dr. Sven Bone. Schedule a consultation today by calling our office. We work with patients from all over the Bozeman area, including Big Sky and Manhattan MT.

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