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Easy Tooth Extraction in Bozeman

have a tooth pulled in Bozeman or Big SkyOne of the many services we provide here at Sven Bone Dentistry in Bozeman is tooth extraction.

When Do I Need a Tooth Pulled?

There are several circumstances that may require a dental extraction. Most of the time, it comes down to whether or not the costs outweigh the gains while trying to save the tooth.

The tooth may have become extremely infected.

If a tooth has been damaged by a cavity, we will normally clean the cavity and fill it with a composite material. If the cavity is very large or deep, we may need to clean it and cap it with a dental crown.

However, if the cavity has spread too far, we may not be able to use either of those two options. In such a case, the tooth must be extracted.

This will stop the pain from the cavity, remove any chance that the cavity will spread to nearby teeth, and give us the opportunity to replace the damaged tooth with a restorative replacement such as an implant or a bridge. This restoration will feel and function much better than the infected one.

The tooth may be too broken to salvage.

Another situation in which extraction may be called for is in the case of severe trauma.

Your tooth could potentially be damaged in a sporting accident, a fall, or in a major collision. In each of these cases, impact may crack or break through the hardened enamel.

The extent of the damage will determine whether we can repair it. If not, however, it will need to be extracted so as to prevent infection and pain, which will cause further problems.

Tooth extraction services for Manhattan MT and BozemanThe tooth may be too crowded.

Overcrowding sometimes necessitates tooth removal, in order to preserve the health and function of the rest of the teeth.

When teeth are too crowded, they can become crooked or misaligned, which affects chewing, biting, and clear speech. They are also at an increased risk for cavities, as they become much more difficult to effectively clean.

This type of extraction is actually one of the most common. Almost everyone ends up needing their wisdom teeth removed, for the reasons mentioned above.

While Sven Bone Dentistry does not extract wisdom teeth, we are entirely willing to guide you in this matter. In one of your regular appointments, we may be able to see any potential problems with your wisdom teeth and advise you accordingly.

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